Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Dis fuhken betch?! Wtf! #whore #fuk_u #udontknowme

~So todai I was supa escited 'bout me findin som SWAG dat reminded me of meh beztezt bff Stevie
^^^^ Dis hat c : 
#loveit #perfs #dontbedissinmecuzyouisntme

~Wen i saw it i waz like...

~So totes obvi i had 2 show it to meh bottom betch aka #twerkteambestie @natdamainbetch
I dot fo sho she'd be suppotive...
~idk wut i waz dinkin doe...becuz dis ho crozed da line!
~Diz ratchet azz betch said dat i waz anoyin, lik srsky?! who da fuk is u?
~Datz wen i new i had to kut dat betch off! Lik srsly dis iznt no brb, we don! #seriousazzfuk >:/
~If deres one ding i ned to sai 2 to dat ho iz...


Thursday, January 3, 2013

What to do when you are about to get in a fight

Depending on who you are a physical altercation may be something that you've experienced or always felt may happen at any moment. Regardless here are some options I present to you in no particular order to face a fight.


Let's be honest anyone who get's crazy dramatic and/or has the ability to cut you with a shank will likely scare of your opponent, but then again you're kinda screwed if you don't scare them off...


Hell, you may not get any street cred. But at least you didn't leave the fight with a black eye. Then again you better hope that you're faster than your rival or else you should get exercising fatty.


Somewhat similar to getting ghetto, if you react like a mental patient who just tried ecstasy then there's a good chance that nobody would come near you. Let alone fight you.


You've found no other plausible solution, but to beat the living marshmallows out of each other. I wish you good luck, but not morally. Hopefully you'll receive some cool battle scars? Maybe one that says you will one day murder you're good-hearted feline brother in a elaborate plot to reign as the new king of the Savannah. Although you fail to see his son or your nephew make a stand against you ultimately ending in your death...so yeah...think about that. 


Alright you decide to be a bigger person and make up...and maybe kiss...or whatever...

The good thing is you've avoided a fate where you might of destroyed your flawless mug, but at the same time made a friend.

Maybe even a best friend. OR A WINGMAN! Personally I've always wanted that one friend, that no matter the circumstances would always give me a piggy back ride. I know that isn't normal, but that's just me...

Well it may have not been the "manliest" move, but hey. Live life with no regrets. (•‿•)

Wednesday, January 2, 2013