Wednesday, January 2, 2013

My life without my best friend... (Illustrated by Spongebob)

How I feel and look chronologically without my best friend Taldo... (Illustrated by Spongebob)
Day 1-2
(I begin to question my existence and what else truly brings me happiness...the answer not much.)

 Day 3-5
(Crying myself to sleep is now a regular thing, I also start to go on anonymous chat sites to ask them if they wanna be my new best friend to fill the void...)

 1 Week
(Suicidal thought are constant as is talking to inanimate objects for confirmation that I'm a good person)

 9-12 days
(If I do not see my best friend in due time I will enter a state of emotional paralysis that can only be cured by his presence. May Jebus have mercy on my soul.)

Day 12 and >

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